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More about the WL-700N-RXS

After spending quite a bit of time trying to get the WL-700N-RXS WiFi adapter to work on the Raspberry Pi, advertised by CPC as a Raspberry Pi accessory, I gave up and contacted Farnell, telling them that the chipset has changed and that the new version of the adapter is not working out of the box with the Raspberry Pi anymore.

They confirmed that this is the case. They will authorise credit for the original order of the WiFi adapter and said they’ll remove this adapter from the Raspberry Pi page as soon as possible.


The problem with WiFi adapters…

After I bought my Raspberry Pi I also bought a cheap HDMI to VGA adapter and a cheap WiFi adapter from eBay.

Everything was working fine, the only issue was that I had to edit the config.txt to get the HDMI to VGA adapter to display anything other than a black screen.

The Raspberry Pi was powered by a Amazon Kindle charger (0.85A) and was connected to a no-name unpowered USB hub, a keyboard, an optical mouse, the WiFi adapter mentioned earlier and the HDMI to VGA adapter (with a built-in HDMI audio to 3.5mm adapter) – and everything was working fine.

Recently I bought a HDMI to VGA adapter and a Dynamode Wireless USB adapter from CPC. Both were much more expensive than my original equipment. CPC’s HDMI to VGA adapter needs so much power that even after switching to a 1A power supply I still had problems powering my USB devices. This was not unexpected, it was a wonder that the previous set up was working at all, so I got a powered USB hub (which came with a 2A power supply).

Unfortunately even the “good” WiFi adapter only wants to work when plugged directly into  the Raspberry Pi, not when plugged into the powered hub …and CPC’s WiFi adapter doesn’t work out of the box, probably because the manufacturer changed the chipset.

What a mess – and I thought I’d be safe buying the expensive stuff from one of the licensed manufacturers of the Raspberry Pi.