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Podcast order on an iPod Shuffle

New Mac

Not long ago I started using a new Mac. I didn’t want to move my old account over and liked the idea of starting again from scratch, which means that my settings got lost in the move.

Podcasts on the iPod Shuffle in the wrong order

When I started syncing my iPod Shuffle (4th gen) with iTunes on my new Mac I noticed that Podcasts play in the wrong order. I want them to play ‘oldest to newest’. Quite annoying when I listen to podcasts when I cycle to work, when fiddling with the buttons is inconvenient.

I remember having had the same problem in the past, but didn’t remember how to solve it – so this time I’m writing it down in case I need this information again.

What didn’t work

I remember that I somehow had to change the order the podcasts are being displayed in iTunes to fix the problem.

Choosing Play: Oldest to Newest in the Podcast settings didn’t fix the problems.

Changing the way the podcasts are being shown to Sort Order: Oldest on Top didn’t help either.

Doing the above, then removing the podcasts from the iPod Shuffle and adding them again didn’t solve the problem either.

What fixed it

In the end I fixed it by changing the podcast display to Episode List.

iTunes Podcast Episode List

I then sorted the podcasts by Release Date (oldest to newest).iTunes Podcast Release Date

Next problem, which I had for year: Sometimes iTunes will replace the VoiceOver for a Podcast with the generic VoiceOver “Podcast 1”, “Podcast 2”, etc…

Does anyone know how to fix this? Comments welcome.